Gotta make the copies

Process the paperwork, make copies for files, make copies for other departments.  But wait! Do you really need all those copies?  And if you do, could you copy on both sides? There is a whole other side of the paper that hardly gets used.  Most copiers will print on both sides if you ask nicely.  Save a tree, save money. Think before you print or make copies.


Think about cars.

Cars are useful, helpful, and some say necessary.  But in addition to all the energy use and dependence on foreign oil to run the things, they just take up space. A lot of space.  I don’t know how many time I’ve been in Denver or Pueblo and I wanted to get somewhere (restaurant, park) and I can see it there, just across the street.  But I don’t dare try to walk there, it’s too dangerous.  Why?  Because of the traffic.  Why have we let cars rule our lives to such an extent?  Why do we give them so much space in towns and cities and our own property.  Many people even have a little house (garage) built just for the cars that is bigger than the house they live in. If you have kids, you know how dangerous it is just to go for a walk.   You have to constantly be on the lookout for traffic and drill your kids to watch, watch, watch for cars because the drivers may  not be watching for you.  It’s ridiculous.  Why should something we created control us so completely?  We need to get away from cars and move toward public transportation.  Fewer cars on the roads, more spaces for people to walk.  It will help your health, the environment and your pocketbook.

Check out this slideshow from Streetsblog New York and start thinking about the cars in your life.

Space Hogs Where you Live

Use the stairs!

You stayed up too late, you haven’t had your coffee yet and you are headed to class or work.  Oh no! It’s on the 2nd floor! I guess you can always take the elevator. But wait, it takes a lot of energy to power the elevator and you are trying to be more ‘green’.  Better use the stairs.  Let those who really need the elevators put them to use.

Never too small

Eco Hero Awards

You think you can’t make a difference?  You think your contribution wouldn’t mean much?  It does.

Something to think about

No impact man

Plastic cap recycling

Tired of those pesky plastic bottle caps that can’t be recycled? Well, now they can. Adams State College Community Partnerships offers a new recycling option for plastic caps, in cooperation with the Aveda™ Corporation. San Luis Valley residents may bring their plastic caps for recycling to the Community Partnerships Center, corner of Hwy. 160 & Edgemont on the Adams State campus (former art building). Hours are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Aveda’s is the country’s first Caps Recycling Program, with the goal of creating new caps out of 100% recycled caps. This will help save marine life by reducing the amount of caps littering our beaches and oceans. Aveda produces botanically based beauty products and is guided by the belief that there is no responsible alternative to doing business other than through environmental sustainability.

Plastic caps contribute to pollution that is devastating to oceans and wildlife. Birds and other marine creatures, such as turtles, fish and penguins, often mistake the colorful caps for food. Animals either choke on the caps or ingest them, resulting in a stomach full of plastic—which can lead to malnutrition and often death.

For more information, please call Adams State Community Partnerships, 587-8227.

Use that clothesline!

With these warm breezy days at hand it makes sense to dry your clothes on a clothesline. Dryers can use up to 875 kilowatt hours a year. So help the environment and help your pocketbook and get outside and hang some clothes.Via treehugger